Physical Chemistry

About Physical Chemistry in CSIR exam

  For all branches of chemistry students to crack CSIR-UGC NET exam, solving the physical questions is very essential. This part-B shall contain 40 Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) a candidate shall be required to answer any 35 questions. Each question shall be of  two marks. The total marks allocated to this section shall be 70 out of 200.

So, around 13-15 bits in section-B usually appear from Physical chemistry which are mainly from 10+2 NCERT Chemistry textbooks and also from under graduate level books. Similarly part-C shall contain 60 questions a candidate shall be required to answer any 25 questions. Each question shall be of four marks. The total marks allocated to this section shall be 100 out of 200. Mostly 20 bits appear form Physical chemistry only.

Here we go the full information about Physical chemistry topics and suggestions to crack CSIR NET Chemical Sciences.

CSIR Physical Chemistry Syllabus 

Chapter 1: Basic principles of quantum mechanics
Chapter 2: Approximate methods of quantum mechanics
Chapter 3: Atomic structure and spectroscopy
Chapter 4: Chemical bonding in diatomics
Chapter 5: Chemical applications of group theory
Chapter 6: Molecular spectroscopy
Chapter 7: Chemical thermodynamics
Chapter 8: Statistical thermodynamics
Chapter 9: Electrochemistry
Chapter 10: Chemical kinetics
Chapter 11: Colloids and surfaces
Chapter 12: Solid state
Chapter 13: Polymer chemsitry
Chapter 14: Data analysis

Suggested Books for Physical Chemistry in CSIR-UGC NET Chemical Sciences:

  • Mathematical preparation for physical Chemistry by F. Daniel
  • Physical chemistry by Castellan
  • Physical Chemistry by KL Kapoor
  • Physical chemistry by P.C.Rakshit
  • Physical chemistry by P.W. Atkins
  • Physical chemistry by silbey and bawendi
  • Physical chemistry by Samuel Glasstone
  • Principles of Physical Chemistry by B. R. Puri, L. R. Sharma, and M. S. Pathania
  • Essentials of Nuclear Chemistry by H. J Arnikar
  • Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry by S.H. Maron and J.B. Lando

The CSIR-UGC NET aspirants should read the above books and prepare for the CSIT-UGC NET exam. The candidates may also try referring practice papers, materials and e-books as part of preparation.

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