Concepts of acids and bases

13.The gases SO2 and SO3 were reacted separately with ClF gas under ambient conditions. The major products expected from the two reactions respectively, are

 (a) SOF2 and ClOSO2F

(b) SOF2and SO2F2

(c) SO2ClF and SO2F2

(d) SO2ClF and ClOSO2F


14.Among KF, SnF4 and SbF5, solute(s) that increases(s) the concentration of BrF4in  BrF3,is are

(1) KF only

(2) KF and SnF4

(3) SnF4 and SbF5

(4) KF, SnF4 and SbF5


 15.Among SF4 ,BF4,XeF4 and ICl4the number of species having two lone pair of electrons on the central atom according to VSEPR theory is:

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 0


16.Lewis acidity of BCl3, BPh3 ad BMe3 with respect to pyridine follows the order

(a) BCl3>BPh3>BMe3

(b) BPh3> BMe3>BCl3

(c) BCl3>BPh3>BMe3

(d) BCl3>BMe3>BPh3


17.The acid-base indicator (HIn) shows a colour change at pH 6.40 when 20% of it is ionized. The dissociationonstant of the indicator is

(a) 9.95 x 10-8

(b) 3.95x 10-6

(c) 4.5x 10-8

(d) 6.0x 10-8


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