Chemical periodicity

Chemical periodicity :

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1.The size of the d orbitals in Si, P, S and Cl follows the order.

(a) Cl> S > P > Si

(b) Cl> P > S > Si

(c) P > S > Si >Cl

(d) Si > P > S >Cl


2.The least basic among the following is:

 (a) Al (OH)3

(b) La (OH)3

(c) Ce (OH)3

(d) Lu (OH)3


3.For an odd nucleon in ‘g’ nuclear orbital and parallel to I, spin and parity are

(a) 9/2 and (+)

(b) 7/2 and (+)

(c) 9/2 and (–)

(d) 7/2 and (–)


4.The electronegativity differences is the highest for the pair

(1) Li, Cl

(b) K, F

(c) Na, Cl

(d) Li, F


5.Among F, Na+, O2-and Mg2+ions, those having the highest and the lowest ionic radii respectively are

 (a) O2-andNa+

(b) F and Mg2+

(c) O2-andMg2+

(d) Mg2+andO2-

6. 12-Crown-4 binds with the alkali metal ions in the following order:Li+>> Na+> K+> Cs+ .It is due to the

(a) Right size of cation

(b) Change in entropy being positive

(c) Conformational flexibility of crown ether

(d) Hydrophobicity of crown ether

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