common-named-reactions-and rearrangements

Common named reactions

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Common named reactions and rearrangements : applications in organic synthesis. YEAR JUN-2016 DEC-2015 JUN-2015 DEC-2014 JUN-2014 DEC-2013 JUN-2013 DEC-2012 JUN-2012 DEC-2011 JUN-2011 No.of questions appeared […]


Pericyclic and photochemical reactions

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¬†Pericyclic reactions : electrocyclisation, cycloaddition, sigmatropic rearrangements and other related concerted reactions. Principles and applications of photochemical reactions in organic chemistry. YEAR JUN-2016 DEC-2015 JUN-2015 […]

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Organic Chemistry Syllabus

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1. IUPAC nomenclature of organic molecules including regio- and stereoisomers. 2. Principles of stereochemistry: Configurational and conformational isomerism in acyclic and cyclic compounds; stereogenicity, stereoselectivity, […]

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