Cages and metal clusters

Cages and metal clusters.

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1.The correct structure of basic beryllium nitrate is:



2.In [Mo2(S2)6]2-cluster the number of birdgingS22- and coordination number of Mo respectively, are

(1) 2 and 8

(b) 2 and 6

(c) 1 and 8

(d) 1 and 6


3.The total number of Cu–O bonds present in the crystalline copper(II) acetate monohydrate is:

(1) 10

(b) 6

(c) 8

(d) 4


4.Structure of a carborane with formula, C2B4H8 is formally derived from

(1) Closo-borane

(b) Nido-borane

(c) Arachno-borane

(d) Conjuncto-borane


5.Silicates with continuous 3D frame work are

(1) Neso-silicates

(b) Soro-silicates

(c) Phyllo-silicates

(d) Tecto-silicates


6.Co4(CO)12 adopts the

(a) closo-structure

(b) nido-structure

(c) arachno-structure

(d) hypho-structure

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