Aromaticity: Benzenoid and non-benzenoid compounds – generation and reactions.

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1.The correct order of pKa values for the compounds X, Y and Z is……



2.The compound that is antiaromatic is


(a) I

(b) II

(c) III

(d) IV


3.The decreasing order of basicity of the following compounds is


(a) I > II > III > IV

(b) IV > I > II > III

(c) III > II > I > IV

(d) IV > III > II > I


4.The correct order of basicity for the following anions is


(a) II > III > I

(b) I > II > III

(c) II > I > III

(d) III > II > I


5.Amongst the following, the compound which has the lowest energy barrier for the cis-trans isomerisation is:



6.Among the following compounds, the one which has highest dipole moment is



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