Organic reactive intermediates

Organic reactive intermediates: Generation, stability and reactivity of carbocations, carbanions, free radicals, carbenes, benzynes and nitrenes.

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1.The frontier orbital interactions involved in the formation of the carbocation intermediate in the reaction of isobutylene with HCl are

(1) π of olefin and σ* of HCl

(2) π of olefin and σ of HCl

(3) π*of olefin and σ* of HCl

(4) π*of olefin and σ of HCl


2.The correct statements are about the reaction of X and Y with NaNH2 are


1.X reacts faster than Y

2.Y reacts faster than X

3.X and Y behave as Lewis acids

4.X is stronger Bronsted acid than Y

(1) A and C

(2) A and D

(3) B and C

(4) B and D


3.The major product formed in the following reaction is



4.The major product formed in the following reaction is



5.The major product formed in the following reaction is…



6.The correct statement about the following reaction is that




7.The major products A and B in the following reaction sequence are



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