Chemistry of natural products

Chemistry of natural products: Carbohydrates, proteins and peptides, fatty acids, nucleic acids, terpenes, steroids and alkaloids. Biogenesis of terpenoids and alkaloids.

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1.Among the following, the compound(s) that can be classified as terpene derivative is (are)


(1) A and B

(2) A only

(3) B only

(4) B and C


2.The major product formed in the following reaction is 



3.The major product formed in the following reaction is….



4.At pH 10, tryptophan exists as




5.D-Mannose upon fluxing in acetone with CuSO4 and H2SO4 gives



6.The correct match of the compound in column A with the description in column B is


(1.) P-Y, Q-Z, R-X

(2.) P-Z, Q-X, R-Y

(3.) P-Z, Q-Y, R-X

(4.) P-X, Q-Z, R-Y


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